Thursday, June 26, 2008

Défilé Des Âmes - Lust 'n' Stone [2008]

Label: Ahnstern
Catalog#: Ahnstern32
Format: CD
Country: Greece
Released: May 2008
Style: Folk Rock, Acoustic, Neofolk

1 Doors To Undefeated Violence (4:04)
2 Carnal Desire (2:20)
3 Mushrooms (3:33)
4 My Middle Name (3:28)
5 Welcome (3:22)
6 Eosforou Fos (5:05)
7 Liar...! (3:48)
8 Eilem A Est Morte (3:25)
9 Under The Spell (3:14)
10 The Wind Fairy (Is Dead) (2:56)
11 August (8:26)



Anonymous said...

Why don't u use something like to protect the links so they don't get deleted easily?

I mean now you're stealing links and then if RS get's too many copyright complaints, they can delete each and every link on your blog at the same time which would be disastrous to all the people who originally uploaded them. Think about it. It's not much of an effort.

Anonymous said...

emmm... they are from Greece not Austria...just a correction.

xiaoyemaoflm said...

ah...thanks! :)

Satan_My_Lord said...

that's nice....thanx!