Monday, March 2, 2009

Other in June - Under The Headstones [2008]

Style: alt-country,psevdo folk
Year: 2008
Country: Russian
Label: non
Format: CD

Under the June Sun
Angels don't hear you....
Holy and liar
For dead only (smels like roses)
Ten birds of pray
Jack ghosthunter
This coffin out the river
I see dust from heaven
Midnight cowboy
This road to Nashville
Voodoo candle
God in your eyes....



Lesserdevil said...

Your blog is beautiful in that it shows the uniqueness of your personality, which seems to be very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi, excellent blog, always very good bands.

Can I ask you Bacio di tosca? I think there're 2 albums 2007 & 2008
Thank you very much

xiaoyemaoflm said...

only the 2007 :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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