Monday, October 20, 2008

Medusa's Spell - Last X Hours [2008]

Style: Neoclassical, Ritual Dark Folk, Accoustic
Year: 2008
Country: Italy
Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog: cmi 186
Format: CD

01. Prelude
02. Why don't you help me?
03. Black hair
04. Seven hours to execution
05. Six hours to execution
06. Five hours to execution
07. Four hours to execution
08. Three hours to execution
09. Grazia Plena
10. Execution

password: rbk


Anonymous said...

Thanke you for this great Album, do you have other albums of Medusas Spell?

Can you upload Dies Natalis - The Bright And The Pure?

Morfar said...

Great album, it has a wonderful atmosphere that fits the theme they are trying to evoke. Thanks for the upload!

xiaoyemaoflm said...

Medusa's Spell - Mercurial Behaviour (2006)

xiaoyemaoflm said...

Dies Natalis - The Bright And The Pure is working

Pedja from Serbia said...

Thanks for the amazing album!!!

Anonymous said...

The password seems to be wrong? can you confirm?
PS: wonderful site, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful music you made me discover!