Thursday, March 20, 2008

Collection d'Arnell~Andréa

Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Un Automne à Loroy [1989]

1 A l'Aurore Assassiné (3:33)
2 Aux Funestes Douleurs - Automne Et Long Silence (7:48)
3 Aux Alertes Saisons (4:43)
4 Aux Averses de Grêle (5:07)
5 Au Delà Des Lierres (Elischeba) (4:30)
6 Aux Glycines Défuntes (5:56)
7 Aux Aurores (5:37)
8 Aux Sources De Gel (6:10)
9 Anton's Death (4:38)
10 Comme Un Marbre De Roses (4:09)
11 Automne Et Long Silence (4:52)
12 Collection (4:24)


Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Au Val Des Roses [1990]

1 Un Horizon De Lune (5:02)
2 Aux Cordes Eternelles (6:43)
3 Une Trêve Prodigue (4:35)
4 Une Attente Douleur (4:35)
5 Un Matin De Septembre (5:21)
6 Un Parc, Une Tonnelle (5:02)
7 Un Refuge Lointain (6:02)
8 Un Tiède Reposoir (3:25)


Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Les Marronniers [1992]

1 Kedves (4:43)
2 Une Attente Fragile (5:15)
3 Les Chants De Peine (4:18)
4 Aux Thermes (7:10)
5 Rózde (7:37)
6 Les Marronniers (4:44)
7 Le Pré Dormant (5:42)
8 Les Temples Elevés (3:04)
9 Kergal (5:01)
10 Au Sacre Des Nuits (5:56)
11 Les Tilleuls (2:14)
12 Une Attente Douleur (Mahan's Version) (3:55)
13 Collection (Anton's Mind's Getting Blind) (5:37)


Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Villers-Aux-Vents (Février 1916) [1994]

1 Les Cendre-Lisières (3:56)
2 L'Aulne Et La Mort (4:35)
3 Le Chemin Des Dames (5:34)
4 Les Hauts De Meuse (5:51)
5 Les Parvis Déserts (6:22)
6 Deaf Or Crazy (3:40)
7 Verdun (6:10)
8 Deafening Breath (4:24)
9 Le Ravin Des Fontaines (3:28)
10 L'Ornière (5:48)


Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Cirses Des Champs [1996]

1 Le Cirse Des Champs (4:07)
2 L'Andain (3:43)
3 Le Lierre (3:54)
4 L'Ivraie (3:55)
5 Les Nielles (3:44)
6 Les Prêles (4:03)
7 Les Ronces (3:55)
8 Les Mauves (4:08)
9 L'Armoise (3:51)
10 L'Ortie (3:31)
11 Les Buis (4:42)
12 Une Ronce (Wherever You Go) (5:31)


Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Tristesse des Mânes [2002]

1 Aux Glycines Défuntes (4:56)
2 Là, Ici Ou Ailleurs (3:30)
3 Au Sacre Des Nuits (4:55)
4 Kergal (4:00)
5 Le Parc Enneigé (4:04)
6 Les Chants De Peine (4:13)
7 Loire Et Léthé (4:33)
8 Les Temples Elevés (2:57)
9 L'Ombre-Tilleul (4:54)
10 Aux Cordes Eternelles (4:34)
11 Un Automne Restant (3:13)
12 Un Parc, Une Tonnelle (3:23)
13 La Source Du Jour (4:50)
14 La Tristesse Des Mânes (4:30)


Collection D'Arnell-Andréa* - The Bower Of Despair [2004]

1 From Our Dark Side (5:11)
2 The Spirits Of The Dead (4:07)
3 Before I Die (6:34)
4 Wild Trees (5:02)
5 Dark Is Veiling My Dawn (4:42)
6 All I Prayed, All I Need (4:37)
7 Because Your Soul (Leaves You To Your Fate) (3:39)
8 Time Is Fallen (4:37)
9 Doomed To Memories (4:03)
10 Time Always Blows Away (4:15)
11 Procession (4:57)


Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Exposition, Eaux-Fortes Et Méandres [2007]


Anonymous said...

Collection d'Arnell-Andrea is one of my favourite bands..i have all these cds..but thanks anyway..very good taste..this blog is one of my favourites too..

kerovnian said...

Hello xiaoyemao!

Thanks to you I complete another collection again!

I didn't know "Tristesse des Mânes" and I listen it in this moment. The acoustic side of the band is marvelous.

Lamentably I found three wrong tracks 2,4 & 5 but don't worry I'll found the album soon. I'll advice and send it to you.



Anonymous said...

Very nice posting, have to admit.
Any chance of some more CdAA:
1988 Autumn's Breath for Anton's Death
1998 CollAGE 1988-1998

l e c o n t y

xiaoyemaoflm said...

glad to see you all guys again! i just found that tracks funny mixed by metal...rap...@_@!....i expect you find the "Tristesse des Mânes", K.....thanks!! it'll be updated at any moment when find the albums of 88 & 98.....O_O

kerovnian said...

Hi xiaoyemao!

Here you have a complete jewel:


xiaoyemaoflm said...

thank you kerovnian! the link has changed....i wonder that....why you call me xiaoyemao...i know Pinyin...aren't you? 是不是的哦?嘻嘻~

Anonymous said...

Hi [ ? ]!

Do you think I know Pinyin? :-) Nooo! It would be good! When I saw your profile the only word I recognized was 'xiaoyemaoflm' then I decided tell you xiaoyemao... What's your name?
the mine isn't 'kerovnian' but JAVIER.

Now I listen Decadence, another excelent recomendation from you.

I see many, many news here, I need time to enjoy so much music.

Do you know Rise & Fall of a Decade?

Bye, bye!

xiaoyemaoflm said...

you have a nicely name,JAVIER.

"xiao ye mao" is spell in Pinyin means "little wild cat", "flm" is just acronym about my name,so i thought you know Pinyin...but can call me FEI.

glad that you like these music...I had only heard one song about Rise & Fall of a Decade,called "Pure Hands",from "VA - Heavenly Voices 1". so...don't know much about them...but all the bands both have female vocal that i loved :)

devoor said...

From the band's official site, regarding their first release of 1988: "This is the very first maxi of Collection d'Arnell~Andréa and it's impossible to find it now. These titles were re-issued as bonus tracks in Un Automne a Loroy"
It's still hard to get their 2-CD compilation Coll Age...

xiaoyemaoflm said...

i can not get it too Carlos :(

Vladimir said...

Hey!!! God luck, you have grand colletion

Yaolli Naul said...

Muchas Gracias¡¡¡

edsfer said...

Very god! The best!!!!


Congratulation xiao ye mao... Your Blog is great . Thanks [;)]

Anonymous said...

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Myra said...

It's a pleasure to find these CD's here, I didn't have them all, so thanks for the upload.
My favorite is Tristesse des Manes, the first time I saw them live, it was a memorable experience.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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