Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China

made by 情缘∮黄金少

To all you bandwagon jumper
who know nothing about Chinese history
and to all you bashers
let me give you some solid FACT why Tibet was, is , and always will be, a part of China.
so you can f*** right off try to separate our country.
are YOU ready???

China is NOT a single Ethnic nation, in fact 56 ethnic groups make up China, including Han, Mongols, Koreans, Muslim, Tibetans etc…
and we are all united as CHINESE, in other word, China is just as Multicultural as Canada, so DEAL WITH THAT!!!

Tibet has been a part of China for thousands of years.
Yuan Dynasty(1271AD~1368AD)
Ming Dynasty(1368AD~1644AD)
Qing Dynasty(1644AD~1911AD)
Republic Of China(1911AD)
People’s Republic Of China(1949AD)
Are we now clear on “Legitimancy”???
FUNNY part is that
Tibet has been a part of China way the f*** BEFORE
US/Canada/AUS/NewZealand were even found by the Europeans.
Talking about “Legitimancy”???
ONCE you guys out of North
America/Occeania, and free the native, we shall out of Tibet in no time.

1903AD, due the weak of Qing Dynasty, British gained control over Tibet as an colonial region and treated them as slaves.

Period to 1950 when Chinese regained Tibet, Tibet was still in a slavery society under Dalai Lama’s puppet regime.
NOW do you really think Dalai Lama would be happy now he lost all his privileges during the slavery period?
…” Free” Tibet??? how f*** ironic!!!!!

Dalai Lama was, and still is, funded by the CIA to separate Tibet from China.
In 1950s, CIA and the British forced the India government to accept Dalai Lama in India and been funding his campain ever since.

The Chinese government spends 200 millions (40 milllions US) a year develop Tibet, Building schools, hospitals, infrastructures…
Tell you what, China is no Yugoslavia if that is what all you are trying to do.
and to the rest of you:
Britain: Scotland, Northern Ireland independence!!!
United States: Free Texas Republic or just all pack up and go back to Europe.
Canada: Quebec Referendum or just all pack up leave and give the land back to the native peple.
Japan: Hokkaido Independence. Okinawa Independence.
Australia: stop treating the natives like crap or just pack up leave for Europe as well.
…say what??? you cant do those things? well then dont f***ing expect us to do the same.
even when Chinese Tibet has longer histories than some of you countries combined…
“Free” Tibet !?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
Like this !?!?!?!?!?!!?
100 dead??
but who’s attacking whom?
Dalai Lama and his masters the West be proud.
Thank you, the West, your fair news media had never stop attacking other countries’s sovereigny.
and your governments never stop trying to split other countries apart.
but not for one second had you guys questioned about your own existence and rule over the native peple.
…so, Bravo.
and dream on… for China to become the next Yugoslavia, Bosnia.
Because we know…
that this…
is our country called home…
and no one could ever, ever break it apart.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Dalai Lama is a kind of superagent from the CIA! Wait, maybe is also 007!

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous video.

The fact is this : TIBET DOSENT WANT TO BE PART OF CHINA... so deal with it !

Anonymous said...

By the way I find it very funny that someone having neofolk music that talks about all sorts of nationalisms dosen't recognise the independance of another culture.

The biggest (and lamest) point made in that video is this : "you don't give a fuck about your native people, why should we give a fuck about giving independance to a nation within our country". That's just not a point saying that you base your way of action on mediocrity

Anonymous said...

What would you think if Japan decided that China was part of his country (like they did before). Wouldn't you want the independance of China ?

Yerelinos said...
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Anonymous said...

As somebody in the West, I absolutely agree that Tibet is, and should remain to be part of China. Despite what's portrayed in the Western media, Tibetan independence is not something desired by every Tibetan. Indeed some have realised that their quality of life is far higher than it would probably have been under the Dalai Lama's rule, and that China has saved Tibet from much of the conflict going on in neighbouring Nepal.

China is by no means perfect, and is a long way from being so, but trying to force Tibetan independence down Chinese throats isn't going to help anyone in the long run.

Anonymous said...

i have better option: death to china, and death to tibet :)

Anonymous said...

Hey the message is to the guy (or girl) from China claiming that people outside of Asia are brainwashed by the media.

Go read this article and tell me whos brainwashed

Free Your minds said...

Chinese brains are not developed enough to know what is freedom.

Anonymous said...

As long as the ethnic Tibetans do not want to be a part of China the whole argument of "Tibet was part of China" is pretty ridiculous. Why claim the region if the populace does not want you there in the first place? Just because might makes right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Tibet don´t want independence but Autonomy and the vid is all miths and lies. about the way you agree with this vid or is just to show the stipidity of it?
Kisse by the dead bodys left behind.

Prague said...

what does it mean MY COUNTRY, THEIR COUNTRY and so on...? just lines on maps and persecution of people closed in. who cares of nation? who cares of borders? who cares of states or empires? F*** OFF THAT S***! TEAR IT DOWN, BLOW IT UP! f***** nationalism, f***** imperialism!

Anonymous said...

splash!splash!splash! Nice words for a child.

Anonymous said...

Please try to open your mind to your brainwashed condition, perhaps you can set yourself free.....
poor child........

silmarill said...

it is very interesting to hear the opinion of the other side, not only the opinion we see daily in the news. it changes my view on the situation. and i recommend other "related" videos.

i would also say that the british colonisation is also responsible for the "Jerusalem vs Palestine" problem. CIA involved, again, they only spread hate for the good of the income of the American weapon production industry.

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Anonymous said...

Better make a video with Hugo Chavez Maybe works better than this