Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bain Wolfkind - The Swamp Angel [2008]

Label: Hau Ruck!
Catalog#: HR!92
Format: CD, Album, Digipack
Country: Austria
Released: 2008
Style: Neofolk, Gloomy

1 Corruption Is The Currency (4:18)
2 The Crossroads (3:01)
3 Your Dogs And Your Lynchin' Mob (3:09)
4 Nailed To The Mast (3:28)
5 The Eye Of The Hurricane (3:34)
6 The Palace Of Pain (3:24)
7 Down To The River (3:15)
8 Blue Eyes And Codeine (4:32)
9 A Scar Called Hate (3:34)
10 Come Ride With Me (2:50)
11 The Rooster And The Crow (2:43)
12 Just A Drowning Man (4:05)
13 Rainin' In My Heart (4:02)
14 The Drugs In Your Veins (2:24)
15 Killer's Kiss (3:31)



KARLOZ said...

muy buen cd!!!

podrias subir los cd's de Novy Svet "Nuevo Babylon" y "Venezia" ??
te lo agradeceria mucho!

Satan_My_Lord said...

thanx for this music...Recently i had posted another Bain Wolfkind project in one of my blogs, here it is


Anonymous said...

damn thanks! i love bain wolfkind!

Apockalyptik said...
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Apockalyptik said...


xiaoyemaoflm said...

thank you Satan_My_Lord,i download it,very nice!Good blog!good german gothic!
to KARLOZ: my disk has gone...if find the links,i'll update it

Vandreren said...

Could you please re-upload this album, the link is dead. Please please please :(

Blogger said...

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