Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Triarii - Muse In Arms (2008)

Style: Martial Industrial
Release date: 01 Dec 2008
Country: Germany
Label: Eternal Soul Records
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Total Size: 75 MB

01. Birth Of A Sun (8:52)
02. Muse In Arms (2:54)
03. Europa (3:38)
04. Les Extrêmes Se Touchent (4:27)
05. Fatalist (5:29)
06. Legio I Martia (7:04)
07. Sonnenwalzer (3:05)
08. Ode To The Sun (4:30)
09. Muse In Arms II (3:58)
10. The Final Legion (3:47)
11. Wir Kommen Wieder (2:53)



devoor said...

Awesome!! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

hymn. thanks for this one

Anonymous said...

this is great!

do you have krepulec 2008 (martial industrial parabellum in the hand)???

horgrograni sanguis???

Thank you, great work

schultzzz said...

Thanks for sharing your mp3s. I never really listened to neo-folk before, but your site is a great introduction. 感 谢 你!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for "Schwanenspiel" by VonThronstahl & Rose Rovine e Amanti. Can you help me?

Anonymous said...

nothing to do following yr post, but, could you upload or get the last two Novy Svet releases, plz? ''Todas las ultimas cosas'' and ''Todas las primeras cosas''

Bleeh_Torcido said...

"Unfortunately, the link selected is not available."

xiaoyemaoflm said...

try this one:

sorry i don't have krepulec 2008 (martial industrial parabellum in the hand).
and "Schwanenspiel" can't find...

to schultzzz: enjoy!glad that you like neo-folk,it will be could say in Chinese!!不客气!

Anonymous said...

Do you have Zagrob - Le soleil noir?

devoor said...

go here:

silmarill said...

well, it seems that xiaomaeflm has abandoned her blog... i just hope that she's OK.

however, me and some friends have decided to continue to share interesting music like the one on this blog: ambient, neoclassical, gothic, darkwave, neofolk... along with genres like EBM, IDM, industrial, and experimental music.

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