Saturday, December 27, 2008

VA - Nikolaevka [2008]

Catalog: POW00023
Release Date: 11.11.2008
Genre: Neoclassic, Neofolk, Heavenly Voices, Martial

1. Albireon - Il Deserto dei Tartari
2. All My Faith Lost - Icy Dawns
3. Rose Rovine e Amanti - Noi Ritorneremo
4. Der Feuerkreiner - Der Morgen
5. L’Effet C’Est Moi - Bellica Virtus in Itinere
6. Das Lange Messer - Lie's Hour
7. Sala delle Colonne - Un'Impresa di Valore
8. Hexperos - The Warm Whisper of the Wind
9. Lia Fail - In This Square (Night Version)
10. The Green Man - The Joys and Toils of Warfare Under Tempestuous Reign of Archidamus II
11. The Well of Sadness - Like Before
12. Calle della Morte - Cartoline dall'Inferno
13. The Growing Crystals Lab - Death of a Dark Angel
14. Symbiosis - Il Trionfo della Caducita'
15. At The Funeral Of My Violet Rabbit - Bird Of Ill Omen
16. Gregorio Bardini - Hic Manebimus Optime!
17. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum - Un Impero di Pace!
18. Sir Logla feat. Coro Dell'Innominato - Bombardano Cortina



- |Snaken| - said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing sampler!!

Could you upload Albireon I passi di lui??
Krepulec martial industrial parabellum in the hand?

Thank you very much
Great blog!

xiaoyemaoflm said...

the two albums are great, Wloff!
i'm trying to search it in soulseek...

Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend
I'll be waiting for them

Anonymous said...

I give new other tittle difficult, but not for you I guess: Kreuzer In Hoc Signo Vinces(Martial dark ambient)

silmarill said...

if you like the "HEXPEROS" band in this sampler then know that it is a side-project of Alessandra Santovito from the Sweden band "GOTHICA". she plays neoclassical ambient style. I like it very much and I have uploaded it here:

very good quality (variable bitrate about 200 kbps). enjoy :)

Fuck you said...

You are just fucking burglars.

Like you steal the music, I hope you will be stolen of everything you own, starting from your shitty computers.

Michael said...

To the misguided individual who posted the 'fuck you' shout: You sir (or madam) are an ignorant moron. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING has been "stolen". When something is stolen it is taken away. These are nothing more than copies. Samples. Nothing is being taken ... unless you are stupid enough to believe that the repressive so-called intellectual property laws are anything more than an attempt to control our ears. Pull your head out of your ass ... it's a brand new day ... and everyone will benefit except the nazis in suits.

Anonymous said...

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fuck you again said...

These farnetications about a presumed non existence of intellectual property are all untalented people can say.

Making music costs money (equipment, recording, etc.).
If you want to spend all your bucks in something else (cigarettes? drugs? fashion wear? whores?) you are totally free to do it. Just do not listen to stolen music, that's so simple.
Or better, do it, but when you are fined or arrested, accept the thing as totally obvious.