Monday, February 4, 2008


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Narsilion - Nerbeleth [2004]

1 Prelude (1:49)
2 A Night In Fairyland (6:54)
3 Lost Horizons (6:23)
4 Dreams About The Eternity (3:44)
5 My Falling Darkness (7:17)
6 El Llanto De Las Sirenas (7:14)
7 The Voice Of Sin (3:30)
8 Mirror Of Nature (7:41)
9 Existencia Encantada (3:52)
10 My Pagan Land (6:04)
11 Nerbeleth (5:14)


Narsilion - Return to the Silver Forest [2004]

01 Prelude (1:48)
02 Mirror of Nature (7:40)
03 My Falling Darkness (6:54)
04 El Llanto de las Sirenas (7:13)
05 Lost Horizons (6:20)


Narsilion - Arcadia [2006]

1 Arcadia (3:37)
2 Montsegur "En Els Pilars Del Vent" (5:31)
3 Faraway (5:28)
4 The Dream Of The Unicorns (6:13)
5 Visions From The Ancient Times (5:17)
6 Autumnal Equinox (6:39)
7 Wind Of Eternal Prophecies (4:50)
8 Beltane (3:05)
9 Montserrat (5:17)
10 Lágrimas De Cristal (5:38)


Narsilion - Namárië [2008]

1. El Retorn a la Infantesa
2. Desperta Ferro!
3. Las Puertas del Mar
4. Enmig del Silenci
5. Angmar
6. Namárië: El Llanto de Galadriel
7. O Sonar das Augas
8. En Caure la Nit
9. Who can Dream Forever



D said...

Hi,it's very lucky to visit your space.Just wanna ask if you have the soudtrack "Record of a Certain Living Thing"(from JAPAN SINKS),and could you email it to me,thanks very much.
BTW:I have been to qingdao many times,haha.

xiaoyemaoflm said...

hello D,i've watched that film,it's a real great soundtrack...the OST of JAPAN SINKS has not issued yet...but i found a wma with 32kbps,it already send to you,check it,enjoy! And welcome again to Qingdao :D

Juzbrig said...

Narsilion is the best neofolk band as for me. ehhh (dreaming)

silmarill said...

well NARSILLION is one of my favourite bands! thank you for the EP, a rare thing, haven´t got it yet... any similar band that plays music similar to NARSILLION´s you can recommend?

silmarill / slovakia

Ladiesman217 said...

Hexperos, Lisa Gerrard, Rajna, Ordo Funebris...

sexy said...




silmarill said...

well, it seems that xiaomaeflm has abandoned her blog... i just hope that she's OK.

however, me and some friends have decided to continue to share interesting music like the one on this blog: ambient, neoclassical, gothic, darkwave, neofolk... along with genres like EBM, IDM, industrial, and experimental music.

wisit us on our new forum named APHELION:
we'll be happy to see you there!