Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sonne Hagal

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Sonne Hagal - Sinnreger [2000]

A1 Sonnenwende
A2 Odin
A3 Anna G.
B1 Zagreb-Agram
B2 Herbstlied
B3 Am Abend


Sonne Hagal - Helfahrt [2002]

1 Memory, Hither Come (3:07)
2 Eismahd (4:02)
3 Midwinternight (3:49)
4 Song Of Innocence (4:25)
5 Raidho (4:42)
6 Futhark (2:19)
7 Midgard (2:54)
8 Comrade Enemy (1:33)
9 Thrymskviða (3:44)
10 Song Of Experience (3:24)
11 The Runes Are Still Alive (6:18)
12 The Sick Rose (5:23)

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Sonne Hagal - Tarja [2004]

A1 Tarja
B1 Aud


Sonne Hagal - Nidar [2005]

1 Az Já Pojedu (2:58)
2 The Murdered Brother (3:56)
3 Follow The Fair Sun (4:30)
4 The Three Ravens (5:03)

Sonne Hagal - Jordansfrost [2008]

1 Flackerndes Feuer
2 Midsummernight
3 Vengeance
4 Das Letzte Lied
5 Hidden Flame
6 Rokh
7 Herr Gilbhardt
8 Ragnarök
9 Who Has Seen The Wind?
10 Totentanzlied
11 The Hawk
12 Over The Stone

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Clockworkz said...

Hey, I saw you uploaded my vid here!
Good to know I'm helping.

Sonne Hagal are gods! Thanks for uploading these!

Anonymous said...

thanx to i had already heard all of these. even just a few days before your post i heard "Jordansfrost" at
is that where you got these?

xiaoyemaoflm said...

I got those albums from Soulseek.But the links is from,and thanks to Blodvargr.If the reprint link is unallowed,I will upload again.

Blodvargr said...

@xiaoyemaoflm: republishing is welcome :) glad you check my blog from time to time. have you heard the new dij yet?

xiaoyemaoflm said...

nice to see you Blodvargr! i just download it from your site,and listening now...their music is fair-sounding as previously.thank you and your wonderful blog,there often has many pleasantly surprised!

Anonymous said...