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Nový Svět

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Nový Svět - Rumorarmonio [1998]

A1 Každý Počátek, Jeden Konec (1:38)
A2 Slavin (3:35)
A3 Sojuz Molodëži (5:45)
A4 Mutzika (1:28)
A5 Dobrolet '23 (4:37)
A6 ¡E Moscú! (2:18)
B1 Chával (5:42)
B2 (No Sé Tu Nombre Pero Creo Es) Alin (2:26)
B3 Gileja (3:32)
B4 La Aroma Lola (2:18)
B5 Roma (3:07)
B6 La Lena (5:18)


Nový Svět - Faccia A Faccia [1999]

1 La Razón (6:16)
2 ¡ Hasta Morir ! (4:08)
3 Dios Falsos (3:03)
4 Puro Rumore / Puro Amore (3:36)
5 Brigada Budoucnost (4:36)
6 Niños De La Bola (Pour Audrey) (3:46)
7 Operazione Runa (3:53)
8 Historia é Un Cazotto (4:22)
9 Priem: Ostranenie (3:42)
10 Siento Lo (2:58)
11 Salá, 19.00 MEZ (19:38)

Download: part1 part2

Nový Svět - Cuori Di Petrolio [2000]

1 Un Canto Sobre La Muerte (2:50)
2 Punished With Longing (4:44)
3 Utopía (4:40)
4 Souvenir De Kashmir (3:44)
5 Instrumental (1:32)
6 Traición (3:20)
7 Un Canto Sobre El Amor (2:11)
8 Sin Fin (5:04)
9 Linea Alba (3:53)
10 The Circus Joy (0:35)
11 Le Zen Vienne (4:31)
12 Mentira (22:56)

Download: part1 part2

Nový Svět - Chappaqua [2001]

1 Cocainum Mood (3:24)
2 En Posesion De Te (3:03)
3 H (1:35)
4 Stardust (3:17)
5 Con Corazon (4:20)
6 Rotormotor (3:00)
7 Chappaqua (5:01)
8 Begin / Nada / Fin (2:45)
9 Marlene (2:34)
10 Pagoda Of Paranoia (8:18)
11 Atras (12:41)

Download: part1 part2

Nový Svět - Venezia [2002]

A1 Camilla, Ti Amo (3:41)
A2 Loomis 1 (5:20)
A3 Dos Discos (3:51)
A4 Ponte Tre Archi (0:51)
A5 Lengua Unica (1:28)
A6 Fulvida Di Fulgore (2:44)
A7 Senda De Oro (1:59)
B1 Sottoacqua (6:10)
B2 Retorno (2:10)
B3 L'Etoile De Mer (4:46)
B4 Con Gli Occhi Onesti E Tardi (2:26)
B5 Ponte Riva (1:02)
B6 Storia Triste (3:19)
B7 Loomis 2 (2:20)
B8 Acqua Alta (3:59)


Ô Paradis & Nový Svět - Entre Siempre Y Jamás Suben Las Mareas, Duermen Las Ciudades [2003]

1 Introducción (2:42)
2 Iberia Sumergida (3:05)
3 Tierra Gastada (3:26)
4 Barcelona! (3:43)
5 La Cuna (3:35)
6 Distancia 1 (2:32)
7 Distancia 2 (2:27)
8 Te Vi Pasar (3:22)
9 Salvador (1:23)
10 Siento Sensación (2:57)
11 Perdedoros (3:08)
12 Las Cosas Invisibles (3:56)
13 Modo De Amor (3:17)
14 Héroes (2:37)
15 Lluvias (3:22)

Download: part1 part2
password: dnice68

Nový Svět / Ô Paradis - Destello De Estrellas En La Frente [2005]

1 Saltar A Volar (2:24)
2 En Moloko (3:47)
3 Que Dios Me Perdone (2:31)
4 Puñado De Suerte (3:44)
5 Tierra Preguntas (3:56)
6 Adonis & Bulldozer (3:15)
7 Destello De Estrellas (1:44)
8 Olvidar Un Corazón (1:19)
9 Dios Sin Ojos (3:23)
10 Cúrame (1:52)
11 Mar Dorado (2:48)
12 Desde (5:37)
13 Otoño (2:47)
14 Las Aguas En La Tierra (12:11)

Download: part1 part2
password: dnice68

Nový Svět - Fin. Finito. Infinito. [2006]

1 Un Amante (2:16)
2 Sin Palabras (2:49)
3 Wondeful Blade (2:07)
4 Ausencia (2:05)
5 Otras Planetas (2:45)
6 Ríos Del Exceso (2:11)
7 Reina De Arcadia (3:02)
8 En Te (1:24)
9 Último Jardin (1:38)
10 Recio (1:54)
11 Tus Astros (1:26)
12 Porquería (1:41)
13 Treinta Años (2:51)
14 Got It! (1:37)
15 Desgracia (2:01)
16 Fin. Finito. Infinito (15:31)



Anonymous said...

hey can you post a link for the last one please...

xiaoyemaoflm said...

i don't have it too :( and help~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

eduardo said...

gracias carnal por los discos de novy svet y de o paradis... eres la pura onda!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links :)

Greetings from Poland

Anonymous said...

Greets "Poland"; it reminds me of something - for a long time I've been searching for two lost/forgotten bands (mid 80's):
1) FOTONESS from Poland, heard'em sometime during my student days,
2) STILL LIFE from Serbia (EX-YU), were 3 serbs + 2 greeks (their first band name was JUGEND STILL, but changed being inproper for commy govs at the period). Those bands were quite popular even among few polish students I've met then in Belgrade (86-89).
Any rumours or even links 'bout? I'll be soooooo grateful.
l e c o n t y

ironspider said...

fotoness check here

Anonymous said...

That's it, "When I die" finally.
Widely recommend to anyone who wants to spread musical horizons beyond actual goth-postwave stereotypes. Quite 'oldish', but who cares.
l e c o n t y

Anonymous said...

hi there fabolous site!

can you repost rumorarmonio from novy svet?

xiaoyemaoflm said...

the last one has updated...but is down that I haven't download it...囧 will be repost when I find it :(

xiaoyemaoflm said...

STILL LIFE? did you mean the Russian band leconty? en....maybe can find some downloads about them....

Anonymous said...

Not. I mean, not russian ones.
Year 1984 bore a band JUGENDSTILL, consisting of students from University of Nish - second biggest city in Serbia. Later, renamed STILL LIFE, lasted till end of 90's, or so. One of line-ups were Sinisha, Daniela (serb), Nikos and Adonis (greek) ... Alongside them (post-punk) was also TRIVALIA (goth/dark) from the same city, and PADOT NA VIZANTIJA from Skopje/Macedonia (later became much more popular throughout Europe as MIZAR and ANASTASIA, founders of New Byzant, form of Balcan-goth-style ... ugh!).
All of them were not just local legends, but managed to overrun EX-YU borders and reach even shores of UK and USA. First time ever New Byzant term appeared was at NME magazine (1988).
Today, the band members (SL) are scattered from Thessaloniki (GRE) to New Jersey (USA).
... that's it.
l e c o n t y

Spativm said...

Great blog :-)

xiaoyemaoflm said...

wa...detailed's hard to find be a attractive band

Macarena said...

muchas gracias por los discos...
me encanta novy svet...
muchas gracias nuevamente...
aunque falta el link del primer disco... umh

goelr said...

hi, great site!

but can u re-post the Rumorarmonio and the last one? THX

xiaoyemaoflm said...

hi Goelr,the last one has updated. but i lost Rumorarmonio........

goelr said...

hi, thx for the last one!

Z said...

Hi, any chance to post "Rumorarmonio"??

And do you have an idea why this band has name in Czech language "Nový svět"?

Z said...

Ha, I found it....

xiaoyemaoflm said...

hi~ z,ahhh~~~thank you very much!downloding....

English is hard...then, Czech is too too hard....囧

in fact,i don't realize them nohow,just know they come from Austria...
the only one way to feel them is from hearing...from their's surmount language.

i wonder what do you think about their name and how to exspress in English...^-^

jack the ripper said...

thanks for reposting the link.
Btw, novy svet is not czech, its russian and means new time-new age.

xiaoyemaoflm said... @_@

your name jack the ripper let me remember a AVG pc game called Still Life which adapted from this's wonderful

goelr said...

nový svět is czech two words, that means "new world"...Maybe Nový Svět devise to one of the famoust symphonies of Antonín Dvořák (Symphony No.9, "From the New World"), one of the greatest europian composer.

THX for Rumorarmonio!!!

Anonymous said...

You Chinese piece of shit, if you like the music, why dont you buy it instead of fuckin' sharing it and killing the small labels?

Anonymous said...

Probably because people like me wouldn't have brought anything at all if it wasn't for this blog.

Alexis said...

Hello Xiao !

The links for Venezia and Fin.Finito.Infinito. are down.

And greatings for your amazing blog !

Anonymous said...

Hi my love,

here is a link for Fin. Finito. Infinito:

Cheers from Berlin

Anonymous said...

Leonardo said...

thank you so so much... it's really hard to find the old albums nowadays... just through downloads i can hear it again

Anonymous said...

hi everybody I'm from Mexico and I must say: what a great blog! thanks for your great work & keep on sharing :) just... can you repost the venezia link? it seems to be down :( thanks

sexy said...