Saturday, February 2, 2008

Neutral - Serpents In The Dawn [2008]

Label: Eis Und Licht
Catalog#: Eis055
Format: CD, Digipack
Released: Jan 2008
Style: Neofolk

1 Tales Of Men And Trees (4:15)
2 The Starfall Of The Nevermore (5:29)
3 Serpents In The Dawn (5:31)
4 The Gift Of The Sea (5:15)
5 Next To The Stars (4:56)
6 The Woods Of Autumn Blaze (6:09)
7 Noone To Follow (5:40)
8 Luna (5:31)


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Anonymous said...

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Astrape said...

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Could you please upload this album again ?
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xiaoyemaoflm said...

it can be download now )

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